Non-personalized ads

This service shows ads from Google Adsense. We only show non-personalized ads. Those are not based on a user's past behavior.
Although non-personalized ads don't use cookies for ad targeting, they do still use cookies for frequency capping and to combat fraud.
For more information how Google uses those cookies please see Google Privacy & Terms.

Data Collected by us

We only collect your IP address along with the dates and type of access. We store this data for less then a week, usually not more then three days. We need this data to combat abuse of our service and to create simple statistics like number of users per day.
Emails send to us via our contact form or to our contact email are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Storage of User Files and generated Data

All submitted files or inputs, as well as the converted outputs, are deleted automatically after half an hour. No backups of those files are made and only employees of Spikerog SAS are able to access your files. The files are kept for thirty minutes with the sole purpose of giving you enough time to download them. We do not look at them or mine any data from them.


Responsiblities for any Damages or Troubles

We are working hard to ensure that the services we offer are free of errors but this cannot be guaranteed. As a user of this service, you agree that Spikerog SAS will not be held responsible for any failure or error.

Copyright Issues

Do not use our services and intellectual property for any form of infringement.